A Daily Dose of Inspiration

These days, it doesn’t take much for me to get inspired. Stumbling upon a chic clothing ensemble, a perfectly curated bedroom, or even something as simple as really great penmanship is all it takes to get my creative juices flowing. And with easy-to-use and regularly-refreshed platforms like Pinterest and Instagram, getting a daily dose of inspo is practically guaranteed.

I do feel as though I should disclose the fact that my sources of inspiration are not always a direct reflection of who I am. I’m 24, single, a writer, and living in a rented two-bedroom townhouse with a roommate. I dabble here and there in art. I have little-to-no expertise in fashion, cooking, or interior design. But none of that stops me from finding inspiration in reading fashion or lifestyle blogs; when browsing wedding sites; in looking at delicious images of food on a health-focused Instagram feed. What I’m trying to get at is that it’s okay to be creatively awakened by something that might not fully exist in your day to day.

Do I have a wedding board on Pinterest? Yepp, I do — probably dating back to when I was in the event industry. But I still add to it, and I also follow a handful of wedding-focused Instagram accounts without a wedding of my own in the near future. And that’s all fine and dandy because it’s providing an unlikely source of inspiration in a place I otherwise would not have looked (and not to mention giving me some major ideas for when my big day does eventually come around).

With this being said, keep scrolling to see some of the feeds, blogs, and websites that I currently frequent. And if you’d like to, take a peep at my Pinterest boards for insight on my favorite trends in home decorweddings, and fashion.

Be Inspired Every Day

  1. Gal Meets Glam — Julia Engel runs a beautifully crafted blog that covers everything that inspires her, from fashion and beauty to travel and home. Her signature feminine style is noticeable throughout both her site and her Instagram feed, which you can follow here.
  2. The Venue Report — I happened upon The Venue Report while researching venues when I worked as an Assistant Event Coordinator in Los Angeles. They regularly post about hotels, venues, and homes from around the US and the world, with the main goal of “connecting people with outstanding settings and experiences.” Their website and Instagram content is a well-curated balance of sophisticated and bohemian.
  3. Lauren Conrad — Lauren Conrad has been one of my most-admired celebrity idols since her early days on MTV’s Laguna Beach. I appreciate how her style has adapted and developed over the years to suit her current lifestyle, and love how approachable the softness of her Instagram feed is (seen here).
  4. Amber Interiors — I’ve always had an affinity for homes, whether it be their eye-catching curb appeal or the interior design curated within. Amber Interiors successfully captures the allure of beachy-boho vibes in the home and mixes it with thoughtfully elegant touches, all while making certain her clients’ domains are livable, breathable, and one-of-a-kind. See some of her amazing work and inspiration here.
  5. Laura Hooper Calligraphy — If you’re anything like me, it’s easy to get lost for hours in the mesmerizing loop-de-loops of calligraphy. Laura’s style of lettering leans more towards traditional, but her mediums aren’t always pen and paper, which adds to the fun. Her Insta feed is full of photos of projects from past and present, as well as plenty of videos to keep you scrolling.
  6. Be Social PR — Be Social is a lifestyle, fashion and beauty communications agency that I accidentally stumbled across, as they represent a number of influencers I follow on Instagram (a few that are even listed here). Their Instagram feed is infectious, full of bright colors and happy vibes. And because their company is located in my hometown of San Diego, their posts are often a sweet little reminder of home. Follow them here.
  7. Hello Emilie — If you have a wandering soul but work/family/life just doesn’t allow jetting off on an adventure as often as you’d wish, @helloemilie is the Instagram account you need to follow. Her feed is full of beautifully taken and edited photos of her amazing travels that will spark an unshakable desire to pick up and go.
  8. Snippet & Ink — A self-proclaimed “go-to wedding planning resource for sophisticated brides,” this wedding blog features authentic and beautiful weddings as well as ideas and advice to assist brides and grooms on designing their dream day. Their website and social media are full of content that draws you in, leaving you scrolling, reading, and jotting down ideas of your own.
  9. Late Afternoon — Liz is an L.A. girl with a love for fashion and beauty. Her blog is more photo focused, only using so many words to describe her daily ensembles or her recent trips. She also shares snapshots of her timeless style and her enviable travels on her Instagram.
  10. The Salty Blonde — As of right now, Halley (also known as The Salty Blonde) only posts on her Instagram feed. Based on the Hawaiian island of Oahu, it’s not hard to fall in love with her laid-back style and her beachy blonde waves. Follow her here to add a touch of summertime to your Insta feed all throughout the year.

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