An Interview With the Hosts of Two Girls One Ghost

Around the same time that I clicked the “publish” button and turned this blog live for public viewing, a couple of close friends of mine released their podcast to the world. I know firsthand that it isn’t always easy to share your passion project with others. In doing so, you’re allowing yourself to be at your most vulnerable state. You’re opening yourself up for criticism and judgement, and likely at the hands of those closest to you. I was so proud to see these two dive into this project with no inhibitions (and I have to admit that it felt good to be on my own creative journey at the same time).

Sabrina and Corinne are both 24, graduates of Loyola Marymount, and the “ghostesses” of Two Girls One Ghost — a podcast where they tell each other personal anecdotes as well as well- and lesser-known stories from the other side. Corinne now resides in Boston and studies Organizational Psychology, while Sabrina remains in Los Angeles and works in the writers’ room of the wildly popular NBC show, Blindspot.

A lot has changed for Corinne and Sabrina since they released their first episode in July and from when I first interviewed them back in the beginning of October. Like, for instance, the fact that they’ve reached over 200,000 downloads and that their episodes are streaming on Spotify. What hasn’t changed is their love (perhaps intrigue is a better word) of all things that go bump in the night.

Marissa: Give us a little backstory, if you can. Was creating and producing a spooky podcast something you’ve both always wanted to do?

Sabrina: [Corinne and I] met freshman year of college. We were both theater majors and we had a class together where we instantly bonded.

Corinne: Yes, it was the first week of freshman year! We were both in theater class which we absolutely loved, and we quickly realized how much we have in common and became fast friends.

Sabrina: There was one time around late November or early December that I had some weird things happen in my dorm room, so I called Corinne and she rushed over with her kit of cleansing supplies. I never experienced anything else after that.

As for the podcast, I wouldn’t say it was something I’ve always wanted to do . . . but I love storytelling and anything that involves creativity. When we brought up the idea, I somehow didn’t think it would ever come to fruition — but here we are and boy am I glad we actually did it.

Corinne: I don’t think either of us ever thought to have a podcast, but I’m so glad we do!

When I was younger, I started writing down some of my encounters in a book. I wanted to log my entire life’s encounters but soon realized it was too daunting of a task. Now I’m sharing my experiences through a different medium!

M: What was it that finally got the wheels in motion, so to say? How did you guys team up and get your footing?

S: I can’t remember who planted the seed in terms of creating the podcast, but we were definitely inspired by My Favorite Murder. We thought there were so many great true-crime podcasts, but when it came to the paranormal it seemed like those were few and far between.

C: The podcast was totally Sabrina’s idea. Not long before I moved from LA to Boston, she brought up how frequently we talked about ghosts and joked that we should make a podcast about our stories. Sabrina planted the seed and that was it. Within a week of moving to Boston, I texted her and said let’s do it. And so we did.

S: The idea was brought up, and then Corinne really took the reins in terms of making things happen and initiating the podcast. We had to do a lot of research about how to record from two different locations and how to post your podcast on iTunes and other platforms. We found that there isn’t a ton of information out there because podcasting is a relatively new territory for independent podcasters like us.

C: We had zero clue how to start a podcast. I’m good at finding useful links, but when it comes to actually uploading and posting the podcast I’m completely inept. Sabrina does the legwork on that. We both edit, which neither of us had experience with prior. I don’t think either of us realized how much time goes into producing a podcast.

S: Like everything, we’ve gotten better over time with recording and editing . . . [and] we’ve connected with other podcasters who are usually willing to give tips. We have a lot to learn, but we are getting better every day.

C: We have successful days and unsuccessful days, and on those bad days we yell, “We’ve been hexed!” We try to keep it fun!

M:What do you hope for the future of Two Girls One Ghost? Is it simply a passion project? Do you want this to be full time?

C: The podcast absolutely started out as a passion project. We thought it’d be a fun thing for us to do together and joked that it would be a secret podcast because we’d be the only listeners. We went into it without any pressure on having it be a success, but soon found our podcast listed in the top comedy podcasts on iTunes. We had no idea that people would listen, and better yet, we get so many emails from listeners telling us about their ghostly encounters. It’s so fun, and we love the community of paranormal enthusiasts around us, so I think we’d both be very excited if we ever got to the spot where this podcast turned profitable!

S: I’m not entirely sure what to expect, but all I know is that we love doing this and that should be our primary focus. Who knows what the future holds for Two Girls One Ghost, but it would be amazing to continue to grow our audience base and turn it into a profitable enterprise. I say that, but it’s not the reason we are doing the podcast. In an ideal world, everyone would get paid for doing something they love. So who knows!

M: Do you have any practical advice or inspiring words for readers who might be toying with the idea of starting a podcast of their own?

C: Definitely do it! It’s hard work and it isn’t as easy as just recording and uploading, but if you love to create and love storytelling, a podcast may be perfect for you!

S: Do it!! Make sure you love the topic you are going to podcast about. Come up with a catchy title and make an interesting logo, then work really hard to get word out about it. It can be time-consuming, but it’s absolutely worth it. And reach out to us or other podcasters for advice! If you are passionate about something, don’t let anything get in the way of accomplishing it — yourself included.

M: Finally, share the spooky story that sealed your interest with the supernatural.

S: I can’t remember what my first experience with the supernatural was, but it was a big part of my childhood. I am originally from New Jersey and the home I grew up in from age four to fourteen was pretty spiritually active.

As a kid, I always felt like someone was watching me. Then as I got older, that presence was felt even more, especially when I was home alone. I never felt unsafe, but I felt like someone else was there.

There was one time when my cousins were over and we all decided to put on a concert for the adults. We got all dressed up and went upstairs to the hallway that looked over the family room where the adults were. Using that as our stage, we put on our “concert” (aka we played 90s songs on a boom box and played fake guitars and drums).

After our standing ovation, we went back down to join the adults, and when we were downstairs, my dad’s friend told us that the mom and son were up there playing with us.

The mom and son were the ghosts that dwelled in our house.

Once my brother was born, the son ghost loved to try and play with him. My brother’s toys would go off in the middle of the night, and my brother would wake up asking my mom to “tell the little boy I don’t want to play, I’m trying to sleep!”

I haven’t had many physical interactions with ghosts since I was younger, and they mostly happen in my dreams if at all anymore. But my fascination with the paranormal has continued to grow in my adult life.

C: I was born in New Hampshire and moved to Vermont when I was five. My parents told me that I was always interacting with someone they couldn’t see as a baby. Maybe it was my late grandfather? Maybe it was the spirit who roamed our house whistling and flushing the toilets? We aren’t certain, but my first memory of the supernatural happened when I was four-years-old.

In my New Hampshire home, there was a group of shadow people hanging in the mudroom. I called them “The Shadow Family.” They only appeared if I was alone on the first floor of the house. Often, I’d be playing in the living room and get an overwhelming feeling of dread and fear. I’d look down the hallway to the mudroom and see the figures standing or walking around each other. The seemed to always have their attention directed towards me. I’d sit there frozen with fear, willing them away and wishing I could melt into the floor to escape them.

Eventually, I’d muster enough voice to scream for my mom who would come downstairs, and then the shadow people would vanish. This happened often from what I can remember, not just once or twice.

I was terrified to go into the mudroom and wouldn’t go alone, even though the bathroom on our first floor was attached. My poor parents would assist me to the bathroom every time I needed to use it. There was one instance in particular where my mom was busy washing dishes and I couldn’t wait for her to finish. I peed right on the kitchen floor next to her. That’s how scared I was of the Shadow Family!

Luckily, the shadows didn’t follow us to Vermont. But it didn’t make our new house any less spiritually active. Seeing shadow people was my first memory of the supernatural, but my encounters with the paranormal continue to this day.

I can’t thank Sabrina and Corinne enough for taking the time to answer these questions and share their stories. It’s been incredible to watch the growth and success of Two Girls One Ghost, and I can’t wait to see all that’s in store for these two and the podcast!

If the supernatural is something that interests you, give them a listen, then rate and subscribe to TGOG on iTunes! You won’t regret this one, I promise.


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    Thank you so much for supporting us and for conducting this awesome interview!


    1. Thank you for giving me the chance to get into your heads a little! This podcast is definitely one of my favorites!!!


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