The Latest — Jan. 23

Though barely even a month has come and gone, 2018 has already revealed plenty of inspiration. From what I’m reading (both in book form and online) to what I’m throwing likes at on my Instagram feed, here are a few of my latest picks.


The hype over the book and the show was instant, though that didn’t stop me from being late to the game when it came to Big Little Lies. I started the HBO series in the spring of 2017, but somehow didn’t get hooked as quickly as others did. Planning for my trip overseas and figuring out my new living situation took precedent, and soon I had all but forgotten about the highly acclaimed show.

Fast forward to 2018 and I stumbled upon the book version via a little “library” that my team at work set up in our row. I snagged it and ate it up in just a couple weeks. The writing was quippy yet still deep, easy-to-digest yet still complex. I couldn’t get enough. For anyone who hasn’t and anyone who has watched the mini-series, I think it is well worth it to give the book a read.


Music is one of the most significant catalysts for creativity for me, bringing to the surface countless feelings and memories that aren’t necessarily on call all the time. I’ve created a playlist on Spotify featuring the songs that have stirred something in me, and I’ll typically stream those songs when writing posts here or in my journal. Some of my recent favorites include Vance Joy’s “We’re Going Home” and Troye Sivan’s “The Good Side”, among many others.

Podcasts are another source of inspiration and entertainment in my every day. I’ve recently started “How I Built This” with Guy Raz on NPR and I’m obsessed. It’s a killer interview series that features the likes of entrepreneurs and innovators like Kate and Andy Spade of the Kate Spade brand and Gary Erickson of Clif Bars. I haven’t had the chance to listen to them all, but I highly recommend the episode on Spanx (lol).


I’m not a huge TV person, especially when I have a pile of books waiting to be read. However, not too long ago I landed on The Crown while browsing Netflix, and have to admit the the hoopla surrounding it is well deserved. It’s a beautifully shot, well-thought out series. And with the royal family taking up a great deal of space in today’s tabloids (with pregnancy news and engagements), it seems as relevant as ever.


Sazan Hendrix. ‘Nuff said. Her, her smokin’ hot husband, her adorable golden retriever, and her darling newborn are the highlights of my Instagram feed. She’s a fashion blogger who, unlike many who lack personality and individuality, is genuine, authentic, and full of character. I never pass a post of hers without a double tap. Follow her here.


Late last year I stumbled upon Danielle Moss’s personal blog. Moss is the co-founder of The Every Girl, a site I can’t start my day without. Her blog (seen here) is chock full of sincere [career, relationship, friendship, life, etc.] advice that’s often featured on The Every Girl. She’s exceptionally relatable and candid in her storytelling, opening up to the point where you feel like you’re chatting with a close friend. Plus, her site’s layout is totally enviable.

On the Calendar

I’m closing out my first month of 2018 in Chicago with my college roommate, Briana, and my older sister, Samantha. I haven’t seen Briana since last June (the longest we’ve ever spent apart), so I figured her 25th birthday was the perfect excuse for a reunion. I’m also thrilled (and anxious) to spend some time in chilly weather, since Southern California has let me down, once again, with winter.

If the rest of 2018 is as breezy as this first month has been, I’m sure I’ll be one happy gal this year.


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