Quick Update | Hello, It’s Me

For all ten of you… okay, maybe even ten is wishful thinking… all FIVE of you who follow along and have been wondering about my absence here these past couple of months, I promise there’s a very good excuse. And here it is.

This girl (*points thumbs toward self*) moved. Like, moved moved. To Nashville. Like, out of California.

It’s true. After 25 looong often-perfect, sometimes not-so-perfect years in Southern California, I packed up my many, many, many things (seriously, it shocked me how much I had considering I thought of myself as a minimalist) and hopped on a one-way flight to Tennessee.

It’s been a genuine whirlwind of a time. I’m not sure I’ve had one stable day of emotions in the last 60-ish that I’ve been here.

Moving has been something I’ve hoped for and talked about doing for the last three years. And trust me, there were dozens of attempts. I sent more job applications than I ever have, and tried to remain positive as every single application was rejected. Yes you read that right… Every. Single. One. Even as my ego took hit after hit, there was rarely a day I didn’t picture myself living in another state.

Apparently that daily manifestation actually worked, because here I am. Sitting in my studio apartment in downtown NASHVILLE. Rejection, be damned!

I’ll be sure to write up a lengthy (and likely sentimental) post about the move and all the ~feelings~ I’ve felt since leaving California. But that’s not what this particular post is about.

This post is actually about the fact that I’m just about to hit the year mark with this blog!

This is without a doubt my most prized little thing in life. I know I don’t post regularly, and often when I do it’s a bunch of gushy nonsense. And I know there are many other little things that you could probably point at and I’d be like, “oh wait ya, that’s my most prized little thing.” But for the sake of this post and how I’m feeling in this very moment, this blog is my most prized little thing.

I love having this public diary sitting unwavering in the background, waiting patiently for me to pick up the hypothetical pen and get writing. I love that in those random moments that I feel inspired and ready to share, I can do exactly that. There’s nothing holding me back (Shawn Mendes where you at).

In celebration of lasting a whole year with this thing, I’ve given the blog the makeover it deserves (duh, you’ve probably already noticed that little tidbit) and have thought up some fun future post ideas to keep you all (all five of you, remember?) reading and coming back.

Until then, from the deepest parts of my heart, thanks for following along! I will do my best not to let you guys and gals down! Oh, wait… they say y’all down here in the South.

I will do my best not to let y’all down!!!!


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