The Latest — Oct. 13

Here’s a little fun fact for y’all (note my use of y’all): It’s been exactly five months to the day since I first landed in Nashville! Yee-fricken-haw!

I personally love these “Latest” posts. I love how they provide an easy way to look back and see exactly what it is that I’ve been up to, especially during a whirlwind time such as this. And I’m sorry if you don’t feel quite the same, but thank you either way for entertaining these posts and reading along!

Anywho, now that we’re well into fall, I felt it was as good a time as ever to catch you up on my latest-and-greatest goings on.


Ahhhh I wish I could be more transparent about what I’ve been reading, but it’s kinda top secret (for lack of better words). Here’s the scoop:

I’m not totally certain that I’ve mentioned it before, but my mom has a pretty killer job. She works as the Director of Events and Community Relations for an independent bookstore in La Jolla called Warwick’s, where she works closely with well-known publishers and renowned authors to put on a number of incredible events (like book signings, readings, etc.) around the greater San Diego area. As a self-proclaimed nerd, I think this is pretty awesome. Especially when I get to attend said events and meet the wordsmiths who are responsible for some of my favorite reads.

Another perk of her job is that she’s often gifted pre-released (sometimes pre-edited) copies of highly anticipated books, many of which she passes along to me. I finished reading one of these books recently, and while I’m not at liberty to disclose its title or content, I can say with certainty that it’s something the greater population will eat right up. I laughed out loud a number of times. I cringed . . . a lot. And I learned a great deal. I can’t wait for the time when I’m allowed to say a little more, and when others can join in on the fun!

A book I’m currently reading that I can share is I’ll Be Gone in the Dark by true-crime enthusiast Michelle McNamara. It’s something that I’ve put off time and again, simply because I was too scared to dive into it. But with the recent arrest of the once-elusive Golden State Killer, I’ve felt a little more at ease and emboldened to give it a go. That, and the fact that I live in a very secure apartment building. I’m only about 70 pages in, but I’m hooked already.

Some other reads I’m looking forward to: Crazy Rich AsiansLet the Great World Spin, Practical Magic, and Where’d You Go, Bernadette?


Don’t @ me, but until very recently I had never watched This Is Us.

I love Mandy Moore. Because I Said So, Tangled, A Walk to Remember . . . I mean come on! I’ve also been told on more than one occasion that I look like her (a dream compliment, really). I have a deep-seated affection for Milo Ventimiglia, too (Team Jess 4ever). And I am straight-up obsessed with Parenthood and the Braverman family — a show people are constantly comparing to This Is Us.

So I’ve really had no excuse to not watch.

My reasoning behind it is lame (trust me, I know), but I am such a binge-watcher with just about everything now that I couldn’t fathom having to wait a full week for the next episode to air! But worry not, I have given in to the pull of the Pearson family. And I’ve got to say, fall is the perfect season to snuggle up and catch up on this award-winning show.

Additionally, the latest season of Chef’s Table has recently been released on Netflix and it’s without a doubt one of my favorite docu-series to date. This season touches on some heavier topics that aren’t necessarily present in previous ones, so it does a wonderful job of making you really think.

Some other movies/shows that are on my list: A Star is BornA Simple Favor, OzarkAmerican VandalGlow, and Godless

Eating + Drinking

Now that it’s fall and the weather is cooling drastically (it’s 54 as I’m typing this, people!!), I’ve been relentlessly in the mood for yummy soups. The Everymom recently featured a list of delicious recipes, and though I have yet to try any out, there are quite a few that I’ve saved.

I’ve also decided to give Hello Fresh a try. If you know me, you know that I hate going to the grocery store. I hated it in California when the store was an easy five-minute drive away. And now that I live in a city where it’s a good 15-minute drive away, you can sure as heck bet that I hate it even more. There’s literally nothing fun to me about grocery shopping. So I’m setting out to finish up the remaining food I have from the last time I braved Kroger (aka my personal hell), and then I’m signing up for the nifty meal-delivery service so I don’t have to worry about over-estimating the amount of fresh produce to get and then watching it all go brown.

On a completely different end of the spectrum . . . eating out! I’ve recently been to a number of awesome restaurants and bars in the Nashville area and I’m definitely thinking of writing up a post of my favorite spots here. In the meantime, ones worth noting are Cafe Roze for coffee and breakfast, Pinewood Social for lunch, Mas Tacos for authentic street tacos, Bar Taco for more high-end Mexican, and LA Jackson for late-night drinks.

Quick Hits

It’s been a while since my last “Latest” post, and my days have definitely been full!

First and foremost, I created an A Thousand Candid Words Instagram account! If you feel so inclined, follow along here.

I had a couple of girlfriends from San Diego fly in for a long weekend in August. We ate, drank, and shopped our way through Nashville, and I have to say it was one of my favorite weekends here to date.

I went home for the wedding of a friend from high school in early September, and was able to spend five loooong days with family, friends, and my precious pug Pearl.

A couple weeks after that, I flew up for a quick weekend in Chicago where I stayed with my friend Annie (who just ran the Chicago marathon!). I also got to see my college roommate Briana (who just got her White Coat for physical therapy!) as well as my big sis Samantha.

I went to my first Predators hockey game! You don’t even have to call me a bandwagoner. I’ll proudly claim that title.

And earlier this week on 10/10, my bestie got engaged to the love of her life! Cue the tears.


On the Calendar

Looking at the final months of 2018 on my calendar, it doesn’t look like the busyness is slowing down! Something I’m A-ok with.

A group of girls (there will be seven of us in total — gulp) are coming for Halloween weekend . . . please send any and all group costume recs! A couple weeks after that, my college roommate (the same one as mentioned above) is coming to visit, and then shortly after that, I’ll be flying home for Thanksgiving!

A full calendar often equates to a full heart in my book.


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  1. Counting down the days until I’m sippin on a Cafe Roze latte and basking in the crisp 54 degree weather with y’all ☕️🍁🐴

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  2. […] from reading that top-secret book I hinted at in the last “Latest” post, I also finished I’ll Be Gone in the Dark by the late-and-great Michelle McNamara. While it […]


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