Journal 9 | 50 Little Things

Here’s a list of things to remind you of just how much magic exists between life’s bigger moments.

“The little things are infinitely the most important.” – Sherlock Holmes

  1. Rediscovering an old song that you used to love
  2. Receiving a random text that makes you smile
  3. Sending a random text that makes someone else smile
  4. That first sip of your morning coffee or tea
  5. The cold side of the pillow
  6. A satisfactory ending to the book you’ve been reading
  7. A beautiful written line that resonates with how you’ve once felt or have been feeling
  8. The confidence you feel while wearing the new outfit you just purchased
  9. Weekend brunch with your best friends
  10. A lazy Sunday with someone you love
  11. A dinner with family or friends that continues long into the night
  12. The holiday season
  13. Waking up naturally and immediately feeling well rested
  14. Getting to bed early, falling asleep fast, and staying asleep the whole night
  15. Cheesy rom-coms
  16. All the excitement that comes with a new love interest
  17. Freshly baked cookies
  18. Witnessing someone you love be loved
  19. Holding a puppy — or any baby animal for that matter
  20. Crisp autumn weather
  21. A warm, breezy beach day
  22. Long drives with the windows rolled down and music playing
  23. A road trip with your best girls
  24. Hitting all the green lights on your drive home — or missing traffic on the highway
  25. Belly laughs
  26. A long gulp of cold water when you’re thirsty
  27. When two of your friends from different parts of your life get along
  28. Seeing your parents laugh together
  29. Leaving work on a Friday
  30. A really great sweat session
  31. A walk in the park without headphones
  32. Sleeping in late
  33. The first bite of your meal on Thanksgiving
  34. A cold day spent close to a crackling fire with a really good book
  35. The sound the wine cork makes as it’s pulled from the bottle
  36. The sound of clinking glasses when cheers-ing your friends
  37. Celebrating the ones you love
  38. Giving a really meaningful gift
  39. Receiving a really meaningful gift
  40. Touching down in a city you’ve never been to
  41. Watching the sun set on a wonderful day
  42. Watching the sun rise after an especially hard day, knowing you get another chance
  43. The cry-squeal sound your dog makes when it’s excited to see you
  44. Seeing your favorite band/singer perform your favorite song live
  45. Surprising someone
  46. Allowing yourself to have a really good cry
  47. A three-day weekend
  48. The look of a freshly stocked fridge or pantry after grocery shopping
  49. Warm sheets straight from the dryer
  50. Those oft-fleeting moments you are profoundly happy for no reason other than the fact that you are alive

3 responses to “Journal 9 | 50 Little Things”

  1. Yes 👏🏼 To 👏🏼 All 👏🏼


  2. + reuniting with friends 💕


  3. […] little over a year ago, I wrote up a post that listed a rather random assortment of 50 things — small moments and feelings and notions that […]


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