Quick Blog Update

This year’s summer solstice brought with it not only the official kick-off for the summer season and a long-a** day but the desire to get really real with y’all about this here blog of mine.

So here we go.

It’s no surprise that I’ve been more than a little absent and for that, I’m genuinely and truly and whole-heartedly sorry. But what I’m not sorry for is the honest-to-gosh truth that this brief hiatus allowed me to give an unbridled amount of attention to what needed it the most — which is me. Super selfish, I know!

But the weeks and months that came and went before hopping on here and writing this little ditty were, simply put, hard. I dealt with a number of stresses that threw into a loop my usually lighthearted state of existence. These troubles, in turn, left me feeling like a complete stranger to even myself. I can’t begin to imagine what those close to me must have experienced (yikes, sorry).

I’m glad to report, though, that today I am feeling more myself than I have in a looong time. A friend of mine has even mentioned on more than one occasion that I seem genuinely happy. And I am! I moved into a sweet little house in a great neighborhood with an amazing new roommate. I am in the midst of making some serious moves to get out of a dead-end, soul-draining job (perhaps a tad bit dramatic but whatevs). I made it over the hump of my mid-twenties and celebrated a not-so-momentous birthday in a hugely over-the-top way. I’ve recently taken up yoga and adjusted my diet to prioritize health instead of convenience. I read more and scroll less. My finances are looking less bleak and much, much more promising.

Things are better. Mostly because I’ve made the conscious effort to wake up each morning and decide that happy is what I am going to be. It hasn’t been easy (trust me), but I’ve really put in the work and have completely altered my outlook on everything. I’m trying my darndest to love life so hard right now. And doing so has made all the difference.

So here’s the moment of honesty I promised… I’m currently navigating a new-found road full of rainbows and butterflies (again, perhaps a bit theatrical but whatevs) and I’m not about to pump the breaks on the joy I’m feeling in doing so. And that means the blog will continue to take a back seat while I figure out where it fits in during this period of growth.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s going to be laid to rest for good. I just need to reevaluate the time and emotion I have to dedicate to it, as well as measure once more the level of importance I’ll assign to it moving forward. And if that means I only post once or twice per month, so be it. I want to dish out meaningful content, not content just for the sake of it.

I hope you understand and are still willing to take this ride with me! But in case you’re personally offended by my needing to continue this writing break, allow me to present to you some pros of the situation at hand:

  • Less emails in your inbox
  • More meaningful words to read when the emails dopop up in your inbox
  • Cheerful/Less pitiful content as I continue to ride this happy wave

And with that, I wish y’all a Happy Summer Solstice!

Until next post,


2 responses to “Quick Blog Update”

  1. Happy winter solstice from the Southern Hemisphere!

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