The Latest — July 24

On the heels of an incredible four-day, four-night trip back west to California, I figured now was probably as good a time as ever to update y’all on the latest and greatest goings-on. And boy, there’s been a lot that has gone on!


I would like to say that I’ve crammed in tons of reading in the time that has passed since my last “The Latest” post (all the way back in February — yikes!) and during my general absence on A Thousand Candid Words, but that’s just not true. I’ve been pretty honest about how draining the previous months have been, and unfortunately, writing and reading were important-to-me pastimes that took the backseat as I regained my footing. Even while I gave my attention to anything other than ATCW, I still somehow managed to pop in and write up a little something on the words that inspire me, entertain me, and simply help me pass the time.

I’ve been doing my best to get back into reading now that things in my life have slowed down a bit, and I was able to recently finish Little Weirds, a series of short stories by Jenny Slate (official release date is November of this year). I absolutely loved it. So much so that I’m planning to reread it and notate it as soon as my sister sends it back to me. I have felt for a long time (ever since I found out that she voiced Marcel the Shell, tbh) that Jenny Slate and I are kindred spirits — her insightful and honest and vulnerable and hilarious collection of stories just solidified that feeling for me.

Right after Little Weirds, I jumped at the opportunity to get into the buzzy Daisy Jones and The Six by Taylor Jenkins Reid (the same author who penned one of my all-time favs The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo). Based on the reviews and the repeated recommendations from friends, I couldn’t wait to start it. I’m only about a third of the way through but I am so hooked. The story is presented as snippets of interviews from each character, pieced together so that they’re sharing personal anecdotes of the same story. It’s captivating.

Watching + Listening

Where there weren’t words or pages being flipped there were lots and lots of shows, movies, and documentaries! I am a huge streaming service aficionado — I love the ability to binge anything and everything all at once. Apparently, instant gratitude in the form of television is an important thing to me lol.

I’m in the midst of watching Broad City (Hulu) for the first time (note: I freaking love this show so much), rewatching Friends (Netflix) since it’s leaving for HBO’s new streaming service at the end of the year, watching The Office (Netflix) all the way through for the first time (no judgment please) since it’s also heading for HBO, and I’m about one episode away from being done with the latest seasons of both Stranger Things (Netflix) and Queer Eye (Netflix). Y’all know I love a good food-centric show or docu-series, so some other Netflix titles I’m loving include The Chef Show (actor/director/producer Jon Favreau and LA-based chef Roy Choi explore the dishes that inspired Favreau’s movie, Chef) and Taco Chronicles (entirely in Spanish so you’ll have to pay attention to subtitles if Spanish isn’t your first or second or third language).

I recently finished I Love You, Now Die: The Commonwealth vs. Michelle Carter, a two-part documentary from HBO that dives into the infamous text-message suicide case that gripped the nation a few years back. It’s honestly a wild ride and explores so many different scenarios surrounding this controversial case and those involved and I can’t recommend it enough. Other documentaries I highly suggest are Thai Cave Rescue (Netflix) and The Dawn Wall (Netflix).

I haven’t yet started the second season of Big Little Lies because I want to binge it all on my own time and not have to wait a week between episodes (who have I become), but I’m excited to start that next! I also still need to watch Sharp Objects and want to get into Fleabag.

In the realm of listening, I’ve binged a ton of podcasts. Since work had been its absolute slowest over the last few months, I managed to get through the entire catalog of True Crime Obsessed while also starting and finishing Over My Dead Body and staying up to date with my usuals (Two Girls One Ghost, My Favorite Murder, Criminal, etc. etc. etc.).


I truly never ever ever thought I’d be one to say this, but I am a certifiably obsessed yogi. Back at the beginning of May, I moved with a friend to an amazing neighborhood just outside of downtown Nashville and conveniently right down the street from a trendy little yoga studio that was offering a $40 introductory month. How could I not sign up?! It took me exactly one class to be hooked. Yoga (in addition to my return to clean eating) has completely changed my mindset and my body, both for the better!

Probably my most exciting “Doing,” though, is that I finally found a new job! Saying yes to this new opportunity felt like I was pressing the reset button on how I’d been feeling (aka completely disheartened) and I tell ya, there was nothing more liberating and exciting than sticking up for myself and putting in my two-weeks at work. I will still be copywriting (thank goodness), but this time it will be for a marketing company and I’ll be working closely with an entire team of creatives as opposed to working alone. I can’t wait for this new chapter in my career!

Quick Hits

After over a year in Nashville, I finally got around to doing some exploring outside of the city and spent 4th of July this year canoeing with a group of pals down the Harpeth River! We had quite the experience (read: canoes flipping over, crashing into trees, braving intense rain and thunderstorms), but overall it was a hoot and I honestly can’t wait to go back!


As I mentioned way up there in the intro, I recently returned from a trip back west in California, spending an extended weekend in Los Angeles. I was there to celebrate the engagement of one of my best friends and her college sweetheart, but also got to see some old friends and revisit my old stomping grounds while I was there. It was just what I needed!

Other happenings since my last “Latest” post:

  • Visited my college roommate and one of my best friends in Boston
  • Hosted a couple of friends over a rainy weekend in Nashville
  • Moved to a new part of town with a friend who PURCHASED a home and moved from Los Angeles to Nashville!
  • Visited Kentucky for the first time for the horse races in Keeneland
  • Celebrated one year in Nashville!


  • Turned 26 and celebrated in the most over-the-top way

  • Hosted my close friends and co-hosts of the Two Girls One Ghost podcast, and got to see them perform live at Zanie’s Comedy Club

On the Calendar

Next up, five days back in California! I have a week between jobs, so I decided the best way to spend it would be seeing my parents back in San Diego. I’m planning on sitting on the beach and getting my tan on, cuddling with my old puggo, eating loads of fresh seafood, and gorging on burritos from my favorite Mexican food joints!

Then later in September, I’ll be heading back to California again for the wedding of a college friend!

Until next time,


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  1. So many new things to check out based on your rec’s. Jealous that you get to see Miss Pearl the girl!


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