Quick Update | Blog Refresh

Ahoy-hoy loyal followers! A quick little update about this here site of mine.

If you couldn’t already tell from the domain change alone, A Thousand Candid Words recently went through a bit of a refresh and a general overhaul to align more with where I’m at in my personal life and my career.

I’m over the moon to introduce marissa-nicole.com!

While I’ll always hold a special place in my heart for this site’s simple and somewhat unversed origins, I think from conception I knew that “A Thousand Candid Words” wasn’t its end-all, be-all in regard to identity.

I created the blog back in 2017 as an outlet to write away from the stricter confines of my then writing job and to discover my personal voice and hone it outside of a corporate setting. But because I didn’t have much of a writing resume at the time, I wasn’t confident enough to have my name be at the forefront of what one would read when they came to my site. Enter the obscure and well-intended name, A Thousand Candid Words.

As my writing career eventually took off and my confidence right along with it, and once my voice evolved into what it is today, I came to realize the name I had chosen to publish my work under didn’t match what I was trying to convey — because I, Marissa the human, was the one who was trying to say it… not a brand.

In light of this discovery (and because I wanted a more aesthetically pleasing site to share while networking), I hunkered down to restructure and redesign A Thousand Candid Words to what it is now — marissa-nicole.com. Nicole is my middle name, btw!

It’ll be the same gal writing about alllllll the things, but the content will now be delivered in what I think is a much cleaner and more uniform way. Some of the changes you’ll notice:

  1. I have a static homepage instead of a rotating blog posts page.
  2. Blog posts are now filed under a singular “Blog” tab in the menu bar, and from here on out posts will have a standard header image, fall under a more distinct category, and follow a similar format.
  3. My “About” and “Professional Writing Samples” pages were simplified and updated to include my most recent work and provide some insight into my current job.

As always, I thank you for taking this journey along with me! As I’ve finally gotten into the groove of my newest job, I have an inkling that I’ll be returning here to post more often soon enough.

Until then, happy exploring!


2 responses to “Quick Update | Blog Refresh”

  1. You go glen coco!


  2. […] true, I’ve been quiet in this little corner of the internet. I made a promise to myself when I refreshed the site that I would only write when I felt entirely compelled to. This meant no half-baked concepts or […]


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