The Latest — Dec. 4

Well well would you look at that… another four months come and gone in what could have been a blink.

Hard to believe but July 24 was the last “Latest” post I wrote — way back when I was in the literal thick of a horrendously humid summer in Middle Tennessee, and back when (aside from the stifling heat) there was a noticeable shift in my reality.

It was around the time I found myself with one foot out the door of my dead-end job, and the other stepping excitedly and confidently toward the new, more-promising job that I’d fought relentlessly for for the better half of the year. The happiness and utter relief that hung in the aforementioned muggy AF air — and which was ripe and apparent in the tone of the July 24 post I wrote — was no surprise. After all, I’d just spent a solid six months and then some attempting to progress my career. To finally be on the other side of that months-long battle was hugely satisfying, so I allowed that joy to seep into every facet of my life.

And now here we are, 134 days later… a little less bright-eyed and a whole lot colder, but still so much better than how I spent the first part of the year. Let’s ride out this wave of optimism and catch up on the latest before 2019 is gone for good, shall we?


Along with the new job came the requirement that I take a full hour of lunch — not kidding, it’s required. While at first this seemed like a true luxury (an entire hour to eat food and putz around!?), I quickly learned that an hour is a freaking long time. MUCH more than you need to eat. It really does nothing more than drag your day out longer than necessary. Ugh. Howmever, the silver lining in this slight workday abomination is that I no longer have to try to carve out the time in my busy schedule to read — the time is already carved out for me! Huzzah!

Even so, in four-ish months I’ve still somehow only managed to read two full books *shrugs*. My Dark Vanessa by Kate Elizabeth Russell (coming out March 2020), and Some Kind of Fairy Tale by Graham Joyce. My Dark Vanessa was really something… it’s hard to put into words the depth and importance of the story being told. It’s dark and at times uncomfortable to read, but it’s also beautifully written and so necessary in this era of Me Too. Some Kind of Fairy Tale is engrossing in its own way — mysterious and fantastical and frustrating and sometimes just plain weird. Both were amazing and I highly recommend.

I’m currently about 3/4 through On Swift Horses by Shannon Pufahl (it’s taking me a looong time to get through this one — not sure how I feel about it just yet), and I’m restarting Little Weirds by Jenny Slate so I can annotate it and mark all my favorite lines in her brilliant and hilarious collection of short stories.

Watching + Listening

I can’t help it — when the temperatures drop and the days shorten, my affinity for watching trumps my desire to do anything productive at all. It’s binge season, y’all!

Disney+ is a true revelation; I am BESIDE myself with the content on this platform. Aside from rewatching some of the classics (The Little Mermaid, Beauty & the Beast, Aladdin), I’m totally enthralled by The Imagineering Story, a docu-series that explores Disney in every sense — the man, the company, the amusement parks. It’s so so good and nostalgic. I also am a sucker for some teeny-bopper shows so High School Musical: The Musical: The Series has me hooked and hooked good. Oh, and I watched Noelle… liked it didn’t love it.

Hulu has come out with their own originals that I’ve been loving as well. I binged Dollface in a weekend — it’s quirky and kinda uncomfy (in a good way) and super basic and just a fun, easy watch. And mark my words — Izzy will be your new favorite fictional character… she is a true delight. Looking for Alaska is also new-ish to Hulu. It’s based on John Green’s novel of the same name and I’m only a few episodes in but I’m excited to start remembering what the book is about lol! Also, my roommate and I have been re-watching Sabrina the Teenage Witch while we’re lounging around at home during the work week and it’s so enjoyable — Harvey is a serious heartthrob!

On Netflix I’ve just scratched the surface on their original holiday content with movies like Let it Snow and The Knight Before Christmas and hmmm — didn’t like either. Waiting to have a cringe-fest while watching the Christmas Prince: The Royal Baby later this month. Speaking of babies, Queer Eye: Japan had me weeping like a smol babe throughout the entire season. The people featured are just so pure and deserving of great, full, wonderful lives.

I recently went and saw Frozen II with my movie buddy, Nick, and we couldn’t agree on which was better: the original or the sequel. I prefer the original (think the story has more substance and the music is better), but the sequel was still great and totally worth seeing, and that may or may not have to do with the fact that Olaf made me lol more times than I can count on one hand. It’s one of the few movie sequels that doesn’t make you hate the fact that there’s a sequel to begin with!

As far as listening, this new job doesn’t have as many mindless tasks that allow me to go on my once-cherished podcast benders (a fact that is both a blessing and a curse), so I’ve barely been able to keep up with my usual poddies. However, I recently stumbled upon Spectacular Failures and, even though I’m only a couple episodes in, I can tell I’m going to love it. It’s hosted by Lauren Ober and in each episode, she covers a new business failure and what could have been done to avoid it.


Since the beginning of the year, I’d been itching to get involved in my local community and give back to this new city I call home. But with how the job hunt had been going (or wasn’t going at all, tbh), I was admittedly a little selfish and couldn’t dig deep enough find the will to get out and volunteer. This past October, however, I finally got around to applying and getting accepted to volunteer at the local humane association as a Dog Care Provider! Though I’d like to eventually get involved in helping real human people, I felt as though this was a worthy organization to get started with since I love animals and can’t necessarily have a pup of my own right now. A couple hours each week, I get to walk, hang with, and love on some dogs as they wait for their forever homes!

I’d also been meaning to get better about my careless spending, so for the last few months I’ve *tried* to stick to a stricter budget. This has meant fewer fun things and more time spent in on the weekends, but in this mindful season I’ve been able to reclaim my time in addition to control of my finances, and my mental health has been at an all time high. I am no longer as eager to jump in and RSVP yes to anything and everything the cool kids are doing if it means it’s going to set me back when I should be saving. I’m still not perfect at it and have most definitely gone over the budget I set each month (hey now, it’s holiday season!!), but I feel much better about the direction of things now that I’m being more mindful.

Quick Hits

After my last day at my previous job, I hopped on a plane and spent five days in San Diego with zero obligations other than go to the beach, eat some Mexican food, and snuggle with my doggo!

A few days after I landed back in Nashville I started the new job — still copywriting, but now for a marketing company and their Fortune 500 client! So far, I’ve learned a ton and things have been so exciting, albeit a litttttle slower than I anticipated them being. I’m only a few months in, though, so I’m taking everything in stride.

I celebrated two weddings — one in September back in California for a college friend, and one in October down in Florida for a new friend I met in Nashville!

A friend and I bought a last-minute ticket to Pilgrimage Festival in Franklin, TN where we saw The Head and the Heart, Leon Bridges, Keith Urban, and The Killers. It was an incredible and fun and spontaneous decision and I would do it all over again in a heartbeat.

My roommate and I went apple picking in Kentucky and made some homemade cider with our pickings. I celebrated a late Halloween with friends in November where I dressed as Paul Rudd dressed up as Weird Al. Some gal pals from California came and visited for a long weekend. And then I went home for Thanksgiving!

On the Calendar

Aside from a little Holiday Happy Hour my roommate and I are hosting next week, the only thing on my calendar for the remainder of 2019 is heading home for Christmas and the New Year! I was in California for less than 48 hours when I was back during Thanksgiving, so I’m excited to spend a bit of an extended time on the west coast.

Until next time,


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