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Hello friends, fam, and followers!

I wanted to stop in with a sincere salutation/acknowledgement of my absence and to update y’all on a little side project that I’ve launched!

Screen Shot 2019-05-10 at 8.54.29 AM

It’s true, I’ve been quiet in this little corner of the internet. I made a promise to myself when I refreshed the site that I would only write when I felt entirely compelled to. This meant no half-baked concepts or posts that felt forced, and (perhaps most importantly) nothing that came off as inauthentic. Let me explain:

In the past, I, like many others, have fallen victim to the harmful notions of imposter syndrome. In a temporary absence of identity and a desire to reach a larger audience, I resorted to mimicking a style of writing I saw as “successful” in the online world. But what was “successful” was actually very commercial and conventional and so very far removed from my real voice and my way of writing. I realized that I was chasing something that ultimately didn’t (and still does not) serve me or my personal growth — especially not here on this blog. So I stopped trying to echo those voices and worked on honing my own. I spooked that imposter syndrome right out of this head of mine, and the result was the recent site refresh that I touched on earlier.

Which brings it back around to the reason behind my absence: Since things have been a little slow and unexciting in my life (not necessarily a bad thing), I haven’t felt driven to write here (which is also not necessarily a bad thing). I genuinely only want to press publish when I feel like what I have to say might help or inspire or shake a reader. Following the start of this year, nothing has stirred me enough to roll up my sleeves and look inward. Not to say things won’t change, but as of right now, things are relatively ordinary.

This leads me to the second half of this update…

Screen Shot 2019-05-10 at 8.54.37 AM

Just because I’m not writing here doesn’t mean I’m not writing — I am a copywriter in my 9-to-5, after all! That being said, however, things have been so. dang. slow. at work. Quite truthfully, I’ve probably only been using about 10% of my brain in the office this year, and only about 5% of that is applied creatively. I spend most of my eight-hour days reading blogs, consuming long-form articles, reading the news… The glacial pace of work requested and gradually churned out is eerily similar to the final months of my previous job — only I’m just six months into this new one. I’m trying to remain positive, though.

I’ve come to realize in the slower seasons, it’s really easy to lean into that pace and find complacency in getting by without doing much. But what fun is that? And how can you grow from it? The answers are: it isn’t, and you can’t.

In the last week or so I’ve resolved to carving my own path and putting my pent-up creativity to use. This project of mine is definitely still in its infancy, but I feel the need to share because it’s been some time since I’ve felt this simple thrill and excitement about creating, and I needed to shout it from some type of mountain! And the mountain, I guess, is this.

I started a purely for-fun Instagram profile and a blog, titled Bored in Nashville. With boredom having crept into almost every facet of my life (at work, socially, with dating), I set out to challenge it and change it. With Bored in Nashville, I create and release curated day, night, or day-to-night experiences that guide anyone who stumbles across them through Nashville and some of its surrounding neighborhoods. I’m hoping this site can become a valuable resource for Nashville locals to fall back on when the question of “what should we do today?” inevitably arises, and that it re-ignites their forgotten love of this quickly growing city that seems to have all-but forgotten its locals.

This wish is small and attainable. I believe it can become something meaningful. But the great-big wish for it? It would be amazing to one day see it started in other cities around the US as well!

I hope you’ll check both the ‘gram and the blog out and give them a quick follow if you can swing it! This little side project fills my once-looooong days with fun and creativity and the spirited thinking that was lacking and that I really, really needed.

Thanks, as always, for following along and reading. I appreciate y’all!


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