Journal 15 | A Moment of Honesty

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If you’re a regular here, you may already be enlightened to the fact that I haven’t been feeling the most motivated to hunker down and write. It’s not without trying, though — I have no less than ten ideas waiting to be put into words. But to be honest, the effort it would take to get those posts published seems a bit too daunting at the moment.

I want to shake this lack of drive, I do. It doesn’t suit me.

So in a bid to get back into it, I’ve decided to return to what’s at the core of this blog — to be as candid as I can. To write from the heart. I want to be able to share the hard times as much as I share the good ones.

Writing is so liberating. Getting those pent-up feelings out on paper (or internet?) is freeing. In doing so, we can start to uncover and then understand what’s at the root of the feelings we’re feeling — both good and bad. And in some instances, after laying everything out, the negative things we believe to be so heavy start to lose their weight.

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The Latest — Feb. 1

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The Latest

Last year, it seemed like the general consensus was that January felt like it took two months to finally come to an end when in reality it was (somehow) only 31 days. Not so much this time around. 2019’s debut month flew right on by! At least for me . . .

Even so, I managed to pack in quite a bit. Keep reading for a not-so-quick update on all that I’ve been up to — from what I’m reading to what I’m eating, it’s accounted for here.

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Journal 13 | What’s Up, 2019?

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Inspiration / Life & Lifestyle

After (finally) setting aside some time to reflect on 2018 and tuck it safely away as one of my most noteworthy years, it only seemed fitting to spend a minute ushering in this new one in a similar fashion — with a post dedicated entirely to it, of course!

So… what’s up, 2019? This is me welcoming you with wide-opened arms; inviting you into an eager embrace. Can you feel my optimism? That innocent hope that hasn’t yet been stroked? The sheer determination to make you my most favorite year ever?!

Well if for some reason you can’t, here’s your bleeping-red warning to buckle up. Because we’re doing this, 2019. We’re in it for the long haul.

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