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Yes, I Can

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By nature, I’m a romantic. My earliest days were spent starry-eyed and tirelessly imaginative. As my parents lovingly (and just a bit teasingly) recall, I existed in some version of Dreamland in which everything was real and nothing was impossible. And while this sounds like the beginning of a charmed tale of my childhood, that’s not necessarily the case… because the enchanting, make-believe world I thought up simultaneously spun a darker, less playful side, too. […]

Here, Read This:

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Whenever I’m feeling uninspired and empty of the will to write, reading the words that other writers have strung together is typically what pushes me out of the rut. Whether perfect or imperfect, relative or not, these articles and blog posts and books always end up reminding me why I love to write in the first place — In a writer’s simplest story, shortest poem, most basic self-help article… there is, at the very least, someone […]

Journal 15 | A Moment of Honesty

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If you’re a regular here, you may already be enlightened to the fact that I haven’t been feeling the most motivated to hunker down and write. It’s not without trying, though — I have no less than ten ideas waiting to be put into words. But to be honest, the effort it would take to get those posts published seems a bit too daunting at the moment. I want to shake this lack of drive, I do. It doesn’t […]