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Yes, I Can

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By nature, I’m a romantic. My earliest days were spent starry-eyed and tirelessly imaginative. As my parents lovingly (and just a bit teasingly) recall, I existed in some version of Dreamland in which everything was real and nothing was impossible. And while this sounds like the beginning of a charmed tale of my childhood, that’s not necessarily the case… because the enchanting, make-believe world I thought up simultaneously spun a darker, less playful side, too. […]

Journal 13 | What’s Up, 2019?

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After (finally) setting aside some time to reflect on 2018 and tuck it safely away as one of my most noteworthy years, it only seemed fitting to spend a minute ushering in this new one in a similar fashion — with a post dedicated entirely to it, of course! So… what’s up, 2019? This is me welcoming you with wide-opened arms; inviting you into an eager embrace. Can you feel my optimism? That innocent hope that hasn’t […]