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Unpopular Opinion: Tough Love is as Important as Self-Love

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Of all the types of love that exist out there in the world, it’s relatively easy to argue in favor of self-love. Who wouldn’t relish spending a night in, soaking in a tub awash with lavender salts, decadent bubbles, and a bath bomb or two, all while enjoying a couple glasses of wine (or the whole bottle) all in the name of loving thyself. Or maybe your self-love practice is a little less “self-care,” and […]

Journal 7 | I Love.

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Love can be a loaded word. And for one that is supposed to carry so much weight, it gets tossed around like nothing more often than not. For example — I love this song. I love those shoes! I looove this slice of pizza (No? Just me?). Now before I lose you completely, I promise this isn’t going to be some lecture on how we need to put an end to all casual use of the word and save it exclusively for […]