Open Your Snapchat

Project: Global B2B Campaign / Role: Lead Copywriter

Snapchat’s latest brand campaign called Open Your Snapchat launched globally in summer 2021, inviting people around the world to open their Snapchat to unlock immersive augmented reality experiences. The B2B leg of the campaign followed shortly after, showcasing the power Snapchat’s camera has to not only create meaningful and memorable brand moments for Snapchatters, but drive real, impactful results for businesses of all sizes and types.

The challenge? Most of our target audience (marketers and C-suite individuals) don’t use Snapchat, so they don’t know the effect augmented reality on Snapchat has when it comes to advertising. We showed them by bringing what’s happening on platform, off platform and in front of their eyes. We partnered with a roster of globally recognized and locally known-and-loved brands — specifically those who’ve found success using AR on Snapchat — to tell a compelling story of how augmented reality has the power to drive results up and down the funnel.

As lead copywriter on this campaign, I owned copy for all deliverables in English-speaking countries and provided critical oversight for non-English speaking countries to ensure style and tone weren’t lost in translation. Deliverables included original copy for over 30 brand partners, a landing page, partner success story pages, podcast ads, and Linkedin/Twitter social. The landing page is a great resource to learn more about the campaign and to see more of the great work done by our XFN team of in-house creatives and global marketers.

Open Your Snapchat’s B2B leg ran from fall 2021 through spring 2022 in the US, the UK, Canada, the UAE, KSA, France, Germany, Sweden, Norway, Australia, and the Netherlands, and featured partners like Verizon, Bumble, Pampers, adidas, Pringles, H&M Beauty, Oatly, Vans, Tommy Jeans, Samsung, Volkswagen, and many more. The campaign showed up OOH on billboards, on bus shelters, in subway stations, organically on social (LinkedIn and Twitter), in paid media (homepage takeovers, Youtube pre-roll animations, etc.), and in print, and was activated on the ground during Advertising Week New York in 2021.

See more work samples here.

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