Professional Writing Samples

Please see my resume for a more detailed breakdown of my professional roles.

Tractor Supply Co.

While I’m not the first-ever copywriter that’s worked at the marketing company I’m employed by, I am the first in-house copywriter that our client has had in its 80-year history. I’m hugely honored to pave the way for writers here.

To date, I’ve been tasked with concepting original copy and providing copy support, and have had a hand in establishing copy standards across all departments in Tractor Supply. I’ve written scripts for radio ads, digital animation ads, and in-store messaging, as well as contributed to website homepage and landing page copy. I also helped to spearhead the Google search metrics project, writing content that boosted Tractor Supply’s SEO.

I work closely with Tractor Supply’s creative director and their team of talented designers to bring the company’s visions to fruition.

Please see this PDF for current samples of my work at Tractor Supply.

Gold + Ivy

Gold + Ivy is a female-owned, Nashville-based candle company that prides itself on hand-pouring their candles using all-natural ingredients like soy wax, cotton wicks, and phthalate-free oils. Gold + Ivy’s owner, Alexis, connected with me through the Girlboss network to help create compelling product descriptions for her Fall 2019 line of candles.

I worked alongside Alexis to ensure that the candle descriptions were on-brand and clearly communicated to the customer what scent and experience the candle would deliver.

Please see this PDF for the entire Gold + Ivy Fall 2019 collection.

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I worked at Houzz for over three-and-a-half years as an Associate Copywriter and then their lead Marketplace Copywriter. I wrote original subtitles for their bi-weekly “Shop Houzz” newsletters, where, in 80-characters or less, I was to generate interest around a variety of curated collections of new and on-sale home products. I also wrote descriptions for thousands of top-selling products sold through their direct channel by top-tier vendors.

Please see this PDF for more samples of work from my time at Houzz.

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